The podcast is back after weeks off, and really, you’d think we’d have better stuff saved up.  But, we do talk a lot of baseball for a change, I make some TV recommendations, Kermit apparently has played every video game ever and Warren’s big book of movies he’s seen is getting larger.  I make a terribly mean Frank Castillo joke, but I really think the authorities should check to see if it happened, anyway.

At the end, I tease the Jay Thomas Lone Ranger story, which I love and it’s here:


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We’re back, and longer than ever.  We podcast during the first round of the MLB Draft and actually pay attention, for a while.  We talk Cubs, as we are contractually obligated, defend out tweets and I spend a good 10 minutes breaking down the Liberace bio-pic “Behind the Candelabra” which is terrible and awesome and you must see it.

I talk the return of Arrested Development, Kermit reviews like a dozen video games, we make fun of Elisabeth Moss’ face, Warren admits he saw not only the newest Fast and Furious movie, but The Great Gatsby.  Good god, man.

And watch how much beer I drink this more than two hour podcast.

Hint: I woke up with a headache on Friday.

Here’s the audio only version.

Here’s our iTunes page.


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Podcast: Ep 19 – Day poddin’

Podcast: Ep 19 – Day poddin’

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Podcast

If you see only 15 minutes of any of our awful podcasts, you must watch the first 15 minutes of this one, when I reveal the greatest shirsey in the history of shirseys!

We’re in the missing man formation because we thought Warren was on vacation this week, scheduled the podcast around Kermit’s softball schedule and then found out Warren wasn’t gone.  Awk-ward.

But we’re going to make it up to Warren, wait until you hear a future guest Kerm is lining up.  Let’s just say the guy…got a paycheck…for working on…Battleship the Movie!

This week you’re stuck with just us, and for two fairly lengthy stretches…just me.  For once, I have the most reliable connection and microphone and I do such a good job waiting for Mike to reconnect that I’m pretty sure I’m just going to do my own solo podcast.


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Last week we had a very active viewer, he sent us questions, he picked out our “defending your tweet” entries, and so this week…?  We put him on the podcast.  Our special guest is Wisconsin-based, UW-bound, first base prodigy Kyle Reichert.  We talk about the usual stuff, I rant about David Haugh, Mike and Warren talk about the new, awful, GI Joe and then apparently, they talk about a second movie while I’m not paying attention and then I jump right in with a no longer pertinent GI Joe story.  You had to be there.

Anyway…have at it.

Bonus content:

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The podcast is in the missing man formation with Warren off woo-ing his own wife, so it’s left to Moran #1 and Moran #2 to kill 80 minutes, and damnit if they don’t do just that.

There’s actual Cubs baseball to talk, plus much discussion of MLB The Show 13, and Bioshock Infinite.  Somehow, Andy’s Interwebs connection lasts the entire time, for once, too.

People actually watched the podcast as we did it live, and one of you…you know who you are, Kyle, was an active particpant.

Oh, and because you need to see it:

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