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One of the interesting things about the Cubs leaving WGN radio for WBBM is that apparently WBBM doesn’t have anybody hired yet to do pre and post game shows.  Hey, as long as it isn’t George Ofman, I think we’d all be happy.

But they’ve actually taken to posting the job description online, and it’s a doozy.

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Our good friend Bruce Miles confirmed something we were about to leak.  Before signing with the Cubs, Jon Lester was briefed on what to expect from the media who cover the team.

Despite that briefing, Lester still signed on.  Our Cubs inside source got a hold of the information. Prepare to be sickened.

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The Score’s baseball insider Bruce Levine gets his fair share of scoops. He’s plugged in with both Chicago baseball teams, the Cubs and the other one, and he has a pipeline straight to Tom Ricketts and his manservant Dennis Culloton.

Bruce also is a friend to many agents, and is good at getting info from them in exchange for floating ridiculous rumors for them when they ask him to (Pablo Sandoval to the Cubs, anyone?)

What Bruce is undeniably terrible at is Twitter.  He can’t spell.  He can’t type.  He has no idea when to use to, too or two.  Without taking the deep dive into his Twitter account that is so richly deserved, let’s at least get a quick overview of Bruce Levine’s (most recent) Adventures in Twitter.  For a more comprehensive look at it, I’m going to need to drink…a lot.  We’ll save that for later.

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If you’re of a certain age, you can still faintly remember a different Rick Telander.  He was the one “young” guy on the old Sportswriters on TV, he wrote some great takeouts for Sports Illustrated and he wrote a terrific book titled “Heaven is a Playground.”  He was a self-effacing, broken down jock who had played football at Northwestern.  Rick Telander was cool.

In fact, he might stilly be pretty cool.

But his writing has been shit for an awfully long time now.

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A Nice Little Place On The North Side

You might know George Will best from all those Sunday mornings he spent unabashedly flirting with Cokie Roberts back when David Brinkley was hosing the Sunday morning ABC politics show.  Or, you may know him for writing a fawning tribute to the genius of The Genius, Tony LaRussa.  Since we’re all Cubs fans here, we all know that he famously said that while growing up in Champaign, Illinois he had to make the choice between rooting for the Cubs or the Cardinals, and he chose a life of misery and disappointment–two things normally associated with living in Champaign in the first place.

I know I wasn’t the only person with a Cubs web site to get sent an advance copy of Will’s new book, “A Nice Little Place On The North Side” (apparently Random House didn’t get the “fading blog star” memo), but I seem to be the only one who actually read it.  Hell, Yellon will do anything for something free, and even he hasn’t written a review of it yet.

The book, is ostensibly a breezy history of the 100 years of Wrigley Field, and the stuff that’s gone on inside of the old ballpark.  Some of the most interesting stuff has little to do with the Cubs (not surprisingly.)  One long passage is the history of beer.  Seriously.  It’s actually fascinating and well done.

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