Podcast: Episode 8 – High Fidelity

The Podcast is back, and any attempt at structure is just out of the window at this point.  We are now just recording as soon as all three of us dopes get on the line.  So in this episode you end up listening to us talk for a good five minutes about how we ought to do the intro.

Sometimes “meta” is just too meta.

This is one of those times.

Eventually, we get to actual sports things, and I reach a new low when I start reading my Twitter feed, and at one point threaten to read all 15,400 of my tweets.

Now you’re really fired up to listen to it aren’t you?

What do you care?  It’s still free.

Even if this week has the distinct feel of a P90X infomercial for a little while.

So, do your best, forget the rest and try to get through the entire thing.

God speed.

Author: Desipio

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