Cacti League Preview

While winter up here shows no signs of letting up, the Cubs are in a brand new ballpark, soaking up the sun and getting ready for another awesome season of baseball, down there in Mesa, Arizona.

Cactus League games start on Thursday, and is your one stop shop for all things spring training.  You want game previews, recaps, reports on what players are making a run at the roster and which are punching their tickets to the bush leagues?

Well, do ya?

Get a hold of yourself.

It’s fucking spring training.

Watch a few innings when WGN shows a few token games on the weekends, maybe have a beer or two while you do it.  Then go shovel the driveway, ace.

It ain’t going to do itself.

Real games start on March 31.  Should be fun until the Cubs are mathematically eliminated in May.

Author: Desipio

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