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Showtime starts year two of “The Franchise” tonight and this year the focus is on Ozzie Guillen, Carlos Zambrano and the rest of the shitstorm that is the 2012 Miami Marlins of Florida.

Carlos is one of my all-time favorite players, and Showtime was wise to release a 3:35 teaser of tonight’s premiere episode, featuring the big man.  He does not disappoint.

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It was never boring

It was never boring

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 in Cubs, Featured

Despite the hand-wringing of the usual gaggle of dolts who write about the Cubs when Theo Epstein said it would be a “trust but verify” situation that could get Carlos Zambrano back on the mound for the Cubs this season, it was never going to happen.  Theo wasn’t going to let Carlos pitch an inning for the Cubs this year, and if he could avoid it, he would trade him before spring training ever started.

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Now how could trading a player who makes the league minimum help the Cubs cut costs you ask?  Well, when the player is Tyler Colvin, the savings on the team dental plan alone has to be in the tens of millions.

And so, the Cubs traded him and his lofty stat line last year .150/.204/.306 with 58 K’s to 14 walks along with oddly misshapen infielder DJ LaMehieu to the Rockies for a third baseman who put up stats nearly as terrible as Colvin’s and a pitcher who can’t throw a strike.


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It can’t get worse, right?

It can’t get worse, right?

Posted on Jun 14, 2011 in Cubs, Featured

By my unofficial count the Cubs currently have just over 1,200 players on the 15-day disabled list.  I might be off by a few, but whatever the actual number, it’s a lot.  In a previous job, I used to estimate Grant Park victory rally crowds for the Bulls.  Did you know there were 7.4 billion at the 1992 rally?  Trust me.  I counted.

Now you might think that given this spate of injuries that it would be difficult, maybe even impossible, to get a handle on just what kind of team the Cubs actually have this year.

You’d be wrong.  Because injuries or no, it’s pretty clear that this team blows.

The Cubs just finished a 2-8 road trip through St. Louis, Cincinnati and Philadelphia.  It was riotously successful given that:

a) they were not no-hit in any of the games

b) they won two more than any of us though they would

c)  nobody died

Now they’re home for a fun little stand against the Brewers, Yankees and White Sox.  If you thought things couldn’t get worse…

Buckle up.

Why don’t we tour the roster and check on the state of the Cubs?

That state is largely “Meh.”

My second effort for SB Nation Chicago is a suitably long Cubs Report.

And if you haven’t seen that Kermit writes there now, too, check this out.

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