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Boring is for suckers

Boring is for suckers

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 in Cubs

It took all of about 180 seconds yesterday for Joe Maddon to do two things…get about a tenth of the way through his press conference preamble, and for the world to see his appeal.  If you could just hire any competent manager and hand him the Cubs roster and they’d win, that’d be great.  But over the past 107 years they’d have like four of those, and none of them could pull it off.  It’s going to take somebody who is a great manager, and a little nuts.

Hello, Joe.  We’ve been waiting.

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100 Years of Wrigley MovieOne of the perks of being a big time journalist like myself is that you get exclusive access to things that mere mortals don’t.  I’m used to it, so I was unimpressed when the Cubs asked me to be one of the first to review their new movie “100 Years of Wrigley Field.”  They even gave me the option to sub-title the movie, but passed on my suggestion of “Six winning seasons.”

I will say that I was surprised at how much I liked the movie.  It really was a great blend of heart-tugging moments, riotous humor and crushing disappointments.  It wasn’t just a rehash of existing clips thrown together to make a buck.  This isn’t just a movie, it’s a FILM.  Honestly, I doubt they give Oscars for straight to video sports movies, but if they did, this would win all of them.  It’s already the most prized film in my vast collection.

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Farewell, sweet prince

Farewell, sweet prince

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in Cubs, Featured, Media Hacks

I got the word this afternoon that Paul Sullivan was no longer with us.  It’s a sad day, gang.  A sad, sad day.

Bruce Miles doesn’t need this kind of pressure.  He’s got to do all the work, and they only let him work half the time.

So try to hold back the tears, as we remember our good friend Paul Sullivan.

Farewell, sweet prince.

Seriously, though. I’m really going to miss having him on the Cubs beat. You need to have a sense of humor and a bullshit detector to do that job well, and he has both.

I’m sure whatever else he does at the Tribune will be excellent, and rumor has it he’s going to be doing features. That’s great. Nobody should have to watch this bullshit every day.

Thanks, Paul. We’ll see you around.

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Oh how humiliating

Oh how humiliating

Posted on Apr 11, 2011 in Featured, MLB

After a promising start to a weekend series up in Wisconsin, the Cubs outdid themselves on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, Matt Garza gave up eight more hits (only 20 allowed in two starts so far–awesome) and the Cubs didn’t bother to score.  But then, how are you expected to do anything against the mighty Narveson?

The highlight of the game came in the eighth, when Carlos Gomez of the Brewers decided to celebrate a rare feat for him–successfully reaching base–by stealing second and third with a five run lead.

But, to make matters even better, when he stole second base, Starlin Castro tried to do a sweep tag and instead did this:

Holy shit, that has to hurt.  Keep your eye on the ball, Starlin, not your bicuspids.

That had to be the most humiliating thing that happened to any player this weekend, right?


(Cue Juan Pierre, and “Yakety Sax”)

Juan’s sterling defensive play continues to impress, even after all of these years.  That gift led to the Rays actually winning their only game of the season so far.

But Juan, and Starlin, you boys are off the hook.

Check out Colby Rasmus:

Somewhere, Brant Brown is running around the trailer park gloating, “At least I lost mine in the SUN!”

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Drunk Cub fan

Drunk Cub fan

Posted on Apr 9, 2011 in Cubs, Featured

There really is no more hit or miss assignment in TV or radio than the man on the street, and we have this new classic from WBEZ where a bald guy with a beard (always looks like their head was installed upside down) interviews a drunk Cubs fan.

She’s the perfect fan to interview.  She probably used to be cute.  She’s drunk.  She doesn’t know who’s playing for the team.  She doesn’t have tickets for the game.  And she’s constantly sniffing during the interview.

Oh, and the whole thing is fake.

Because what drunk bitch would still be lugging around her “It’s Gonna Happen” sign?

OK, I don’t know it to be fake.  But it just reeks of bullshit, doesn’t it?

I report.  You decide.  Or whatever.

Opening Day: The Cubs biggest fan from WBEZ on Vimeo.

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