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They don’t did a trade

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 in Cubs, MLB

Twitter is a pretty great place, and these are the salad days.

In the past three days I’ve gotten into a Twitter argument with my old nemesis @jacquejones11 (here), I predicted to the second when Chip Caray (@kapaya1234 – here) would Twitter ban me, and just a few minutes ago, the aggrieved party in the “Ryan Dempster doesn’t want to go to Atlanta because he wants to live in Ted Lilly’s guest house in LA–even though we all know that’s where Ted keeps the bodies” thing, Braves pitcher Randall Delgado took to Twitter to first post a confusing tweet about the trade “Nothing happened Abt go to Chicago.”  (Apparently he meant nothing happened about him going to Chicago.  Then to clear it up, he posted maybe the greatest five word tweet of all time.

“They don’t did a trade.”

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Friday night I posted a really well-done video tribute to the 1989 Cubs put together by longtime (well, before he died) WGN-TV producer Arne Harris.  It used the song “Keeping the Dream Alive” by your favorite German pop band Munchener Freiheit and had a lot of archival black and white footage of non-lousy Cubs players, then the great moment in 1984 when Rick Sutcliffe struck out Joe Orsulak and Jim Frey inexplicably put his cap in his shirt on his way to the field, and then a lot of non Ryne Sandberg highlights of the 1989 Cubs.  It was fun to look back at that season and remember how shocking it all was, and just how much fun.

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It was inevitable.  Or sort of inevitable.  But I guess being “sort of inevitable” makes no sense.  But some day, you just new that your favorite Cubs bloggers would come together and create a site together.  And that site would be classy and highbrow and everything you ever wanted.

And today, it’s happened.  Well, actually it happened like three weeks ago, and instead of writing stuff for the sites that we have that people actually read, we were drumming up content for the new site.  And we decided to launch it on April Fools’ Day.

You know, the more I write this, the more I think it’s a ba…, oh never mind.

Anyway, starting today, you can not only read my brilliance here, and Kermit’s stuff at Hire Jim Essian, and, our pal Chip and his Chip Caray Twitter feed, but you can also read us at the high brow, classy, sophisticated site we just created.

We’re calling it Fisted Foul.

No wonder Chip was so excited about writing for us.

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Fisted to the curb

Posted on Nov 30, 2009 in Andy

Who needs baseball?  I can just join Adam Lambert's band!Far be it from me to celebrate anyone losing their job.

Well, come to think of it, I can make one exception.  The New York Times is reporting that the Turner Broadcasting System has told the lead play-by-play voice for its national baseball broadcasts that they no longer want him bloviating into their mics.

For the third contract in a row, Chip Caray has been told “Yeah, that’s probably enough.”

Back in the late ’90s, you might remember that Chip was the host of Fox’s pre-game baseball telecasts.  It’s why, when you see rebroadcasts of some of the Sammy Sosa freak show homer games from late 1998 you are as likely to hear Dan Roan or Wayne Larivee doing it as you are Chip.  He was gone every Saturday to LA to do the Fox stuff.

When that contract ended, Fox told him to just go concentrate on his job with the Cubs.

At the end of the awful, horrible, 2004 season, the Cubs informed Chip that they had no interest in the exclusive re-negotiation window they had, and that he should just go find a job somewhere else.  So he ended up at TBS with his dad, doing Braves games.

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